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Frequently asked questions

How do audio tours work

  • The tour works offline. After you download a tour, the audio will be available offline along with an offline map.
  • With GPS autoplay, you can focus on your surroundings. Put in your headphones, tap on Start, and let the app guide you.
  • If you do wander off in the wrong direction, the app will play an audio alert, and you can follow the map on your screen to the next location

How to access the tour

  • To go out and do the tour, all you need is the free VoiceMap app and an activation code from me.
  • On your smartphone, install VoiceMap application from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Create an account
  • Select Tour Codes from the menu, then select Enter Codes
  • Enter the activation code that you received in the email from me, then select Download Now.

How to buy the tour

  • Contact me to buy as many copies as there will be people taking the audio tour.
  • You will receive life time access to the tour.
  • After you paid for the tour, you will receive an activation code by email, along with detailed instructions within 24 hours.

Can i bring my dog?

Yes, it's an outdoor tour. No restrictions at all.

Can i do the tour in a different order?

Yes, but for the optimal experience and understanding of the content we recommend following a preset order.

Can i cancel my audio tour purchase

Once purchased, Nuremberg audio tours are not refundable. However, your ticket will be valid indefinitely, so you can take the tour at any date, gift it to someone else, or enjoy a virtual tour.