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Audio tours

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Audio tours are a perfect way to explore Nuremberg at your own pace, with no schedule or large groups. You can start, pause, or restart at any time. The audio will move with you, past fascinating historical buildings, to tell stories about what you’re seeing right there and then.

Tours available

Nuremberg Through the Centuries: A historical Walking Tour

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Explore the north part of the old city. Start off at the Main Market Square, walk up the castle hill, walk along the river and finish at the Beautiful Fountain on the Main Market Square. While you're walking I tell you stories and talk about history, culture, traditon and food of Nuremberg. You can stop here and there, sit down, taste traditional food, enjoy the changing atmosphere or visit museums during th tour.
Duration: 60 mins
Distance: 2.7 km
Price: 7 EUR

How to Buy and access the tour

Contact me to buy as many copies as there will be people taking the audio tour. You will receive life time access to the tour.
After you paid for the tour, you will receive an activation code by email, along with detailed instructions within 24 hours.

How do audio Tours work?

Download the tour to your fully charged smartphone, fetch some earphones and explore while listening to my stories, explaniation and directions. The tours are location aware, so you will hear directions and stories as you move.
Pause anytime in wonderful cafes and shops, and take as many pictures as you please!
You can also listen to your tour from home.

• The tour works offline. After you download a tour, the audio will be available offline along with an offline map.
• With GPS autoplay, you can focus on your surroundings. Put in your headphones, tap on Start, and let the app guide you.
• If you do wander off in the wrong direction, the app will play an audio alert, and you can follow the map on your screen to the next location

Digital Tour or Presentation in English and german

Tour Nuremberg in colourful pictures from home or any place in the world. Take a virtual journey and discover Nuremberg. Topics or length of the digital tour or presentation  will be adjusted to your needs and wishes.

Nürnberg in bunten Bildern als virtuelle Tour oder Vortrag erleben. Kommen Sie mit auf einen virtuellen Life-Stadtrundgang durch Nürnberg.  Themen und Länge der virtuellen Tour, Präsentation oder Vortrages werden individuell auf Ihre Wünsche abgestimmt.